This website would like to get you acquainted with this growing work. Growth is coming through the anointing of God’s Holy Ghost. With whole our hearts we believe that God is at work through a tremendous outpouring of His Holy Ghost and we need to prepare and be ready for a spiritual “tsunami” of His glory which will be seen in the entire world. The Bible says that the whole world will be filled with His glory and that all people will see its manifestion in the sons of God, who just like Jesus do the works of God and will show God to the people. A tremendous “fortissimo” is coming. The final chord is: God everything in all!
This ministry is not the work of a human but it is the work of the Holy Ghost. God gave us a big vision, which can only be accomplished through many and through the guidance of God’s Spirit. In August 1980 Bishop Dr. Bert Elferink received the calling from God for His life and ministry. God gave him an assignment and as his faith life and ministry grew also the urge to carry out the assignment grew. God gave him the assignment to reach all continents with an important Apostolic Message, which was only revealed to a few. God wants that His whole Body is maturing together and reaches the final purpose of faith which is: God everything in all. This is only possible when the secret of the Gospel, “Christ IN us, the hope of glory” is boldly revealed to everybody so that all can reach the full measure of maturity in Christ.

Rev. Dr. Mildred van der Linden is already more than 25 years a strong team member in the national and international ministry of Spirit and Power. She has e special compassion for the development of the woman in God’s Kingdom. She also welcomes you on this website to experience the work of God’s Spirit in the different nations of the world where God sent us to boldly proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel: “Christ in us, the hope of glory in the equality to Christ”.

Spirit and Power Outreach Network: A network of Spirit and Power Churches, who function like an Oasis in the world’s dessert, to work out the vision of God:
Church planting: To plant dynamic Spirit-filled churches who are the answer to world evangelism.
Campaigns and seminars: To teach in the nations of the world the Kingdom of God by proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel.
Women life ministry: A ministry who focuses on the training/equipping of women in or outside the Kingdom of God; to reach them with the powerful restoration message of Jesus Christ.
Spirit and Power reading, audio and video (DVD) ministry: A worldwide ministry to distribute as much as possible, to as many as possible the Gospel and the teaching of the Kingdom of God.

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